AEDU Teacher App

AEDU Teacher App

Simplifying Day-to-day Classroom Tasks for Teachers

Powerful School ERP App for Teachers

Helping schools and educational institutes access student data anytime, anywhere with improved teaching and learning methods. Start from accessing critical student information, registrations, and conducting the online assessment, the AEDU Teacher App helps teachers perform their daily classroom activities seamlessly…

AEDU Teacher App

About AEDU Teacher App

AEDU’s Teacher App is designed in a way for the teachers to help them get rid of those traditional and monotonous ways of teaching with intuitive and engaging features. Be it registering attendance, review assessments, or engage with parents, everything is packed in a single app for you…

Address the Attendance

It becomes effortless for the teachers to record and maintain attendance data for every student. You can even put custom remarks like late marking in just a few simple taps from your mobile phone!

Upload Documents

Want to upload a school-specific document, exam circulars, or any specific documents? Upload, view, or download school or student’s documents on the go!

Homework Documentation

Create homework assignments for students, upload them, and make sure students complete them on time. Notify parents about the homework, monitor the progress, and maintain a record of assignments on the go!

We have it all for Teachers!

A plethora of unique features to help teachers focus more on efficient education…

Manage Students

Focus more on providing quality education remotely and let mundane student management operations taken care of by AEDU…

Schedule Exams

Teachers can now save significant efforts and time by scheduling and managing exams! Schedule exams, notify parents and students, and monitor them remotely, and a lot more…

Bus Routes

Integrated transport management greatly helps school faculties to get information about bus routes, bus attendance data, and track the bus in real-time…

AEDU School Teacher App

Marks Management

Upload marks, share report cards with parents, and a lot more to help you track and manage student’s grades in a seamless fashion…

Upload Timetable

Get rid of the tedious process of managing and publishing timetables for students! Configure and publish timetables and communicate the same to parents and students on the go…

Internal Messaging

Always stay connected with your school staff, students, and parents with robust internal messaging. Helping teachers a better way to communicate…

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