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Our school management system and your relentless commitment help to ensure every student has the best opportunity to leverage the true power of education

On-Demand Education System For Everyone.

Robust features and exceptional performance – AddWeb Solution’s On-Demand education app targets each education segment regardless of shape and size.

Access key data for decision making, streamline the learning process and ease pressure on teaching staff with our on-demand education app.

Our built-in features in school management software help your school to streamline the process for students to flourish.

AddWeb’s education management system helps coaching centres manage their personalized learning plans and content and track progress with assessment tools.

Market-leading SaaS-based education system explicitly designed for the eLearning providers to increase efficiency and engagement with students.

Our School Management Software Offerings

AddWeb Solution’s on-demand education system provides services that empower schools, colleges, and universities 

to simplify the process through various modules.

Our School Management Software Features

AddWeb Solution’s on-demand education system provides services that empower schools, colleges, and universities

 to simplify the process through various modules.

  • Performance Management

    Get a thorough report on the performance of your pupils to aid in their overall growth. Analyze their performance, pinpoint the knowledge and skill gaps and give them the necessary support.​

  • Private and Classroom Chat

    Add attachments to chats using the private and group chat feature to facilitate collaboration in an online classroom. Use this function to notify students and remind them of important information quickly!

  • Exam Planner

    Creating subject-specific exam plans, setting up exam schedules, and creating automatic rank boards are no longer a headache. Manage and track exams with a streamlined process with our school management platform.

  • Fess Management

    Send automated reminders, personalize your charge invoices, choose from several payment schedules, and more! Never before has managing fees been so simple. Find out more here!​

  • Admission Management

    With the education management system, you can avoid the headaches of keeping a line outside the admission counter. Simplify the current admissions procedures and make things easier for parents, students, and other interested parties. To learn more, click here!​​

  • Attendance Management

    Add attachments to chats using the private and group chat feature to facilitate collaboration in an online classroom. Use this function to notify students and remind them of important information quickly!​

Challenges With Current Education Industry

While stats and the popularity of the school management and learning systems are showing positive signs the ground reality is still in gray area. It is important to rethink how we can make the education system better and cope up with the following challenges such as:

  • Technical Issues

    One of the major challenges faced by the education industry today is to cope up with the eve changing technology trends. Starting from teachers struggling to use the modern applications to the ones facing problem dealing with digital media, there is a huge list of technical problems to deal with

  • Quality of education

    No standardized methods or criteria exist to evaluate the caliber of education at any level. Additionally, students have no right to control the caliber of the education they get. Teache are routinely assessed for skills and knowledge but are not required to comply wit h anyKPIs or complete any exams.

  • Poor assessment techniques

    Because the evaluation process is opaque and fast feedback on assessed work is still absent,current assessment systems are subject to prejudice. Less authentic evaluation methods are used in the classroom, and pupils are never made aware of any errors.

  • Boredom nature of teaching

    The fact that the evaluation process for the pupils has remained the same for decades just adds to the sadness of the situation. Students who struggle to write quickly or accurately describe objects or events do worse on tests. Modern evaluation and testing methods that concentrate on assessing the actual learning that a student has received are desperately needed.


Educational institutions utilize an information management system called school management software to manage all student details. A system called school management software was developed to simplify the regular administrative and non-administrative duties that need to be completed by schools and organizations that provide K–12 education.

Users can easily manage all administrative and academic tasks from a distance and K12 educational establishments. With the help of school administration software, schools can keep an eye on regular tasks like managing timetables and daily attendance from a single, centralized location.

The school management software offers various modules for complete campus administration. It enables teachers to quickly and carefully decide on actions that improve student and faculty performance and promote institutional growth.

These actions range from managing online admissions to managing homework assignments, assessments, examination management, finance and payroll management, and library management. Check out more about AddWeb Solutions school management system for more details.

The price of school management software varies based on factors like the total number of modules, the number of students it can accommodate, the features and functionalities it offers, the implementation services it offers, etc. The cost of education management software in India ranges from 0 to 250 Rs per student per year. But to get an accurate quote, please contact our experts.

Here are the best methods for successfully integrating the best ERP software for schools into schools so that they can make use of e-learning modules.


  1. Deliver courses online while using Microsoft Teams
  2. Create an online library and add books and lecture notes.
  3. Send out notifications
  4. Conduct MCQ and descriptive online testing.


School/university faculty:

  1. Make sure to communicate by email and other channels.
  2. Online task assignment and evaluation
  3. Keep teachers and parents informed

We provide maintenance and intact support to our clients irrespective of their geographic location and time zone difference. When you buy an education management system from us, we will help you resolve ad-hoc issues based on the maintenance package selected based on your business needs.

Yes. We offer the School Parent app, teachers app, and drivers app to ensure that parents and teachers are up-to-date with the information required for their child or student. Moreover, all our mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS. Take a look at the mobile apps here.